What are CapCut Templates

What are CapCut Templates

What is capcut?

As all we know CapCut is a video editing software developed by ByteDance that has a series of different, smart, and reliable features to edit your videos professionally. Moreover, CapCut has its own Templates Gallery where you can find several free templates that help you to edit videos mere in minutes.

What is a capcut template?

CapCut templates are predesigned video editing tools provided by the CapCut app in the Templates Gallery section. Templates have a variety of elements like clips, animations, and transitions. These are a complete package to elevate the quality of your video. These new and free templates, help all types of users to edit videos professionally with extreme ease.

Where to Find the CapCut Templates?

On the App

  • Tap the search icon located at the top right corner.
  • Enter “CapCut templates” in the search bar. You can include additional keywords like “slow motion” and “3D zoom” to refine your search.
  • Swipe down on the screen to browse through the search results.
  • Tap on the templates to preview the videos.

On the App

  • Visit capcut.com using your web browser. 
  • Navigate to the top of the page and click on “Templates” in the navigation bar.
  • Either create a new account or sign in using your current account credentials.
  • On the left sidebar, click on “Template”.
  • Scroll through the page to choose a template or use the search bar to find specific templates by entering keywords.

How to Make CapCut Templates?

Surprisingly, CapCut gives you the ability to make your very own video templates using CapCut and even share them with others. How awesome is that? Just keep in mind that you’ll need to sign up for a CapCut creator account to publish your templates. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head over to the CapCut creator page to apply for the program.
  • Click on ‘Apply Now,’ which will take you to a new page where you’ll need to answer a few questions.
  • Provide all the necessary information, including your name, country, etc., and then hit ‘Submit.’

Before submitting your template, ensure you’ve done quality work to boost your chances of approval. Once you’re approved, you can dive into creating templates and even share them with others.

Best of 2024 trending templates

Here are some most recent and trending CapCut Templates:

  • PIMP CapCut Template
  • Slow Motion CapCut Template
  • ICAL CapCut Template
  • Sigma CapCut Template
  • Healing Thailand CapCut Template
  • Heavy Driver CapCut Template
  • Letter A CapCut Template
  • Unakku Than CapCut Template
  • O Mahi CapCut Template
  • Wallet CapCut Template
  • KOII SI CapCut Template
  • Monster CapCut Template
  • Random Photo CapCut Template
  • Retro CapCut Template
  • Pinterest CapCut Template
  • Copines CapCut Template
  • MZ Edit CapCut Template
  • Look  in my  Eyes CapCut Template
  • Your Photo CapCut Template
  • Quick Shorts CapCut Template
  • Flaming  Heart CapCut Template

These are very few of CapCut Templates but most trending ones. Besides them, you can find thousands of templates are there from the Templates library.

How to Use CapCut Templates?

You can modify any template you find using CapCut. This process is simpler than editing videos within your project because you won’t need to adjust keyframes, synchronize with music beats, select filters, manage green screen timing, zoom, or apply slow-motion effects directly in CapCut.

On CapCut for Mobile Devices:

Below, we demonstrate how to create a video using a CapCut template on mobile.

  • Open the template link.
  • Tap “Use Template” in CapCut and allow it to launch the app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Choose photos, live photos, or videos from your device to replace the original content in the template.
  • Preview the effect and wait for it to load. Then, you can review the entire video.
  • Tap the pencil icon to edit the clip by replacing, cropping, or adjusting the volume.
  • Tap the Export button located in the top right corner.
  • Choose whether to save the video to your device or to save and share it directly to TikTok.

On CapCut Web Version:

  • Visit capcut.com
  • Pick out a template that catches your eye. 
  • Click on the template and opt for “Use Template.” 
  • Click on each clip and substitute it with your photos or videos.
  • After you’re satisfied with the edits, hit the Export button. 
  • Provide a name for your file and choose the desired output resolution, frame rate, format, and quality.
  • Export and save your video.

How to remove the watermark in a CapCut template?

Before exporting your video, CapCut gives  users two choices: “Save to device with watermark” and “Save and share to TikTok without watermark.” Opting for the latter ensures that the video won’t contain the CapCut watermark. In case you accidentally save a watermarked video, you can utilize the built-in video editor on your phone to crop it out.

How to fix the CapCut template not showing?

  • Use the CapCut to the latest version or update it.
  • Update the software of your mobile device.
  • Delete and install again CapCut from the App Store.
  • Find the same templates on TikTok.

Are These Free CapCut Templates Worth It?

CapCut templates serve as pre-designed video frameworks that enable you to incorporate your media. However, it’s important to understand that you have some limits in editing the core structure of the video.

While you can utilize these templates as a starting point, you’re unable to completely modify the video’s framework or integrate your projects.

Transitioning to the CapCut video editor has many notable features in comparison to its competitors.

Within CapCut, you may

  • Import Your Media
  • Select from a Range of Templates
  • Elevate Your Videos with Stock Media
  • Direct Integration with TikTok

When exporting your video using CapCut, you have complete control over the following:

  • Choosing Video Quality
  • Selecting Frame Rate (FPS) 
  • Choosing the Format

BIGVU Video Templates

Are They Alternative to Free CapCut Templates? It’s important to clarify that CapCut primarily functions as a video editing tool, offering convenient pre-made video templates. These templates are akin to neatly packaged bundles where you can insert your photos and clips. On the other hand, BIGVU’s video templates serve a distinct purpose within its comprehensive video editing suite.

If you have any recorded video content, BIGVU allows you to effortlessly import it onto their platform with a single click. Alternatively, you can record directly from the BIGVU teleprompter, confidently addressing the camera without fear of missing important words.

Once your recording is complete, you can enhance it by adding captions using BIGVU’s automatic captioning feature. The standout feature here is the ability to customize these captions to align with your brand identity perfectly.

While CapCut also offers auto-captioning, it cannot incorporate your brand’s logo and colors into these captions. This is a unique feature of BIGVU. After adding captions, BIGVU organizes your video into distinct scenes or cards, each representing a segment that can be edited individually. BIGVU provides a variety of caption styles to choose from for your templates.

Now that you’ve learned how to utilize CapCut templates and have compared them with BIGVU, you likely have a better understanding of which option suits your needs. Ultimately, the decision between the two platforms depends on what you require, whether it’s fast, generic video content or videos that authentically represent your brand.


In Conclusion, CapCut offers a user-friendly platform for editing videos with its diverse range of templates. While it may have some limitations, its ease of use and customization options make it a valuable tool for both amateur and professional video editors. 

Comparing it with alternatives like BIGVU highlights the unique strengths of each platform, allowing users to choose based on their specific needs and preferences in video editing.


We can find new and free templates in the ‘Templates library’ section.

First, click on the template button and then search for your desired template from the search menu.

Yes, you can make a new template in CapCut. But you will need to get approval and for that, your work should be very professional while making a new template.

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