Split Flicker CapCut Template

Split Flicker CapCut Template

Split Flicker capcut template is an ingenious CapCut MOD APK product that, when mixed with other products, makes a beautiful transition video appropriate for sharing on media like Instagram Reels and TikTok. This development has achieved considerable favor on social media lately, prompting multiple user submissions for templates showcasing its effect.

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Split Flicker CapCut Template

Use This Template on CapCut


Split Flicker CapCut Template


Use This Template on CapCut

How to use Split Flicker CapCut Template

  1. Choose a video clip. You can either use a current video clip or register a new one.
  2. Import the video clip into CapCut. Tap the “+” icon to count a new task. Then, tap “Video” and choose the video clip you enjoy to use.
  3. Find the Split Flicker template. Scroll through the templates until you find the Split Flicker template. Tap on it to select it.
  4. Adjust the template settings. You can adjust the following settings:
    1. Split count: This specifies how many periods the video clip will be broken.
    2.  Flicker intensity: This specifies how bass the flicker impact will be.
    3. Split duration: This defines how long each division will be.
  5. Preview the video. Press the play icon to preview the video, and feel free to modify the settings according to your preferences.
  6. Export the video. Once you are happy with the videotape, tap the “Export” control. You can select to ship the video in different solutions and designs.

Additional Tips

  • Use a video clip that is not too busy or cluttered. The Split Flicker effect works best with simple videos.
  • Try out various configurations to discover the appearance you desire.
  • Add music or good effects to your tape to make it more attractive.

Features of split flicker capcut template

The Split Flicker CapCut template is a favored option for constructing eye-catching videotapes with a vibrant and interesting effect. Here are some of the key elements of this template:

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  • Split-screen effect: The template automatically splits your video into considerable details and uses a flickering impact to each piece, making a visually compelling effect.
  • Customizable colors: You can customize the shades of the flickering effect to check the composition of your video.
  • Variety of flicker speeds: You can select from a combination of flicker paces to create the expected effect.
  • Easy to use: The Split Flicker CapCut template is very easy to use. Only import your video clasps, select the preferred settings, and ship your video.
  • Adjustable split size: You can change the size of the split parts to your preference.
  • Optional glow effect: You can add an optional glow effect to the flickering elements.
  • Sound effects: You can add useful effects to your videotape to enhance the effect.
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