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Today we are going to Discuss Capcut vs Alight Motion Both are amazing video editing apps in the market. If you are confused about selecting the right app for your videos. After Reading this article you will be clear about which is right for you.

In today’s fast-paced digital realm, technology shapes our world with constant evolution. Within this landscape, I’ll delve into two remarkable digital video editing applications: CapCut and Alight Motion.

CapCut and Alight Motion stand as superb tools, empowering users to craft stunning video edits effortlessly. In this discussion, I aim to dissect both apps, comparing their free and premium offerings. Let’s dive in!

What Are CapCut and Alight Motion?

CapCut, renowned for its intuitive interface and delightful user experience, is a popular free video editing application. It boasts an impressive track record with over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, accompanied by 7.03 million reviews and an impressive 4.4-star rating.

Alight Motion is another standout video editing application recognized for its distinctive vector graphic motion, setting it apart in video editing. With 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, it has garnered 932k reviews and maintains a solid 3.8-star rating.

Main Features of CapCut vs Alight Motion


CapCut offers straightforward video editing with professional-grade features and boasts a sleek, sophisticated, and user-friendly UI and UX. One of its standout features is its support for 4K video resolution, enabling users to export their creations in ultra HD quality.

With CapCut’s keyframe feature, users can seamlessly merge multiple photos and videos into a single frame layer, enhancing the editing experience. In the realm of picture and video editing, CapCut is likened to Tony Stark of the Avengers, thanks to its innovative capabilities and versatility.

CapCut is available as a free video editing app, accessible for download on both the Google Play Store and the iOS Apple Store. For iOS users, the latest version, 2.5.0, was released in 2023 and is readily available for download.

App NameCapCut
AvailableAndroid and iOS
Download size256 MB
Published byByteDance Pte. Ltd.
CompatibleAndroid 6.0 or iOS 11 or more
Downloads500+ million
SourceGoogle Play store and app store

Main Key Features of CapCut

Basic And Advanced Features Of CapCut

CapCut provides users with comprehensive basic features, including timing cutting, splitting, merging, and tightening videos. Additionally, it offers a speed control option, allowing users to adjust video speed from 0.1 to 100x according to their preferences.

For those seeking more advanced video editing capabilities, CapCut delivers keyframe video animation, picture-in-picture (PIP) functionality, and smooth stabilization features, enabling users to elevate their editing projects to professional standards.

With CapCut’s slo-mo option, users can achieve smooth, cinematic effects reminiscent of Hollywood productions. Remarkably, CapCut offers all these premium features free of charge, making advanced editing accessible to all. Additionally, there’s a Mod APK version available, labeled as CapCut Mod APK v9.2.0, which unlocks premium features and provides access to pro functionalities.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a popular video editing app acclaimed for its exceptional vector graphics. It is widely favored by high-end professionals and users alike due to its extensive array of features.

Distinguished as the first app to introduce professional motion graphics, motion design, visual effects, composition, and more, Alight Motion offers unparalleled versatility for editing videos.

Within Alight Motion, users have access to hundreds of stunning video effects, transition effects, QR codes, and various face effects, enriching the editing experience with many creative options.

Similar to CapCut, Alight Motion also enables users to edit and add keyframe animation settings to their videos, providing advanced control over the motion and dynamics of their edits. This keyframe animation feature enhances both apps’ capabilities, empowering users to create dynamic and visually engaging content.

App NameAlight Motion
Downloads100 million
Published byAlight Motion
Download size120 MB
CompatibleAndroid 6.0+ or iOS 11 or more

Why Did I Compare These Two Apps?

CapCut and Alight Motion are both highly popular among users, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

CapCut stands out for its offering of all features completely free of cost to its users. This accessibility makes it highly appealing, particularly to those working within budget constraints or seeking a no-cost solution for their video editing needs.

On the other hand, Alight Motion, while also a favored choice among users, has certain features that are restricted to paid users. This means that some functionalities may only be accessible through a paid subscription, leading to a limitation in access for free users. Additionally, for those who opt not to subscribe, Alight Motion may add watermarks to edited videos, detracting from the overall professional appearance.

Main Key Features List of Both App CapCut vs Alight Motion

Comparison between CapCut vs Alight Motion

FeatureCapCutAlight Motion
Video editing toolsBasic and advancedBasic and Advanced
Animation toolsBasic and advancedBasic Advanced
Templates and presetsUnlimitedLimited
Export settings4K 60fpsWide range
Chroma keyYesYes
Vector designNoYes
Easy to useYesComplex
Motion graphicsLimitedUnlimited

CapCut vs Alight Motion Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons Of CapCut



Pros And Cons of Alight Motion




In the concluding comparison, both Alight Motion and CapCut offer exceptional editing features, each with strengths and weaknesses. CapCut stands out as a free option, ideal for beginners and casual editors, boasting premium features and a user-friendly interface, including 4K 60fps video export.

Conversely, Alight Motion targets pro-level users with its powerful features such as vector design and comprehensive 360-degree video editing capabilities. However, it comes at a cost, requiring payment for full access to the app.

Ultimately, the choice depends on individual editing needs and preferences. For beginners seeking professional-level editing without financial commitment, CapCut is the recommended choice. On the other hand, advanced users who require premium features and are willing to invest in their editing tool may find Alight Motion more suitable. Exploring both apps can help users determine which aligns best with their editing style. Happy editing!


The CapCut app is better for newbies and beginners because it is simple, clean, and easy to use. Alight Motion is also a good editor, but it creates puzzlement in beginners due to its advanced interface to newbies.


Both apps have versatile video quality features; CapCut gives you 4K 60fps export videos in the free version. In Alight Motion, you can export 1080p videos; if you want to export 4K videos, you have to pay for the app.


If you are a casual video editor, then go for CapCut because it’s easy to handle and has a clean UI/UX. However, If you want to edit animated vector graphics videos, then you opt for Alight Motion.

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