CapCut Mod Versions 5 Latest Mods 2024

Capcut mod versions

As all we know CapCut is developed by well-reputed company ‘ByteDance’ also the parent company of TikTok. CapCut is a free app that is user-friendly, simple, and intuitive and creates professional-looking videos with extreme ease.

With the help of CapCut mod versions, we can make videos not only for social media platforms but also for our enjoyment. CapCut has mindblowing and easy-to-use features (Trim and merge clips, Adjust video speed, sound effects, effects, Add text and stickers, and many other advanced features) that anyone even first-timers can use without any difficulty.

On top of that ByteDance company very frequently introduced CapCut’s latest versions for the betterment of creativity and quality of the videos.

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What is CapCut Mod Versions 2024

Before exploring the different versions of CapCut let us know a little bit about what is Capcut version.

A CapCut version means some sort of update released by the developer. These updates can include any sort of features, sound adding, bug removal, effects or stickers adding, or maybe any kind of functionality improvement.

But one thing is certain if the developer releases any update it means we have a better and improved version than the previous one. Let’s discuss the current and most famous recent versions of CapCut.

CapCut Mod Apk – V10.8.0 Premium Unlocked

In January 2024 ByteDance released the latest version of CapCut which has a variety of video quality elevating features that make video editing even easier than ever.

In their new features, AI Green Screen is the most prominent one which gives the facility to remove the background automatically from your video. In the rest of the new features Glitch and Chroma key effects, enhanced text editing, Audio Spectrum & Waveform Visualization, and Multi-cam Editing are included.

With new features, we also got some eye-catching distortions, color manipulation, spacing adjustments, improved alignment options, curving the text, and the ability to switch and edit between multiple video sources of a particular project. With the help of these features, we can get unique edited videos.

In the 10.8.0 version developer made significant improvements including performance Optimization, Stability Enhancements, New Music Library Additions as well and Export & Sharing Options.

You came to know about the latest CapCut version 10.8.0 Now, I am going to discuss the 4 most recent versions of CapCut you should know about. They are also very important in such a way that there may be some chances that your device is compatible with the latest version or not.

If yes, that is good for you to go ahead with the latest one. But in case NOT then you may use any other version which is compatible with your device.

CapCut Mod Apk – V9.9.1 Premium Unlocked

ByteDance introduced a new version of CapCut on November 20, 2023 it was an improved version of 9.9.0  which was a set of new features and improvements including AI Scene Optimization, Advanced Text Editing, Chroma Key Enhancements, Audio Editing Granularity, and Performance Boost.

The developer made this version bug-free and modified the user interface (UI/UX). So it became easier to use for everyone whether he is an expert user or a beginner.

CapCut Mod Apk – V9.9.0 Premium Unlocked

On November 16, 2023, the CapCut 9.9.0 version was released by ByteDance which was a compilation of a series of features, effects, and improvements. In this version new features e.g. Audio Waveform Editing, Advanced Chroma Key, Text Animations, Masking Enhancements, and Social Media Templates were added by the developer.

In 9.9.0 CapCut version developer improved the app performance. The developer provided a Smoother editing experience, particularly on older devices, a bug-free app, and an improved user interface. Besides this developer added some sound effects to improve export options and collaborative features for shared projects.

CapCut Mod Apk – V9.8.1 Premium Unlocked

In June 2023 ByteDance released a continual version of 9.8.1. In this version developer improved the 9.8.1 version and fixed the bugs in the app. In this upgrade, the developer improved the chroma key/ Green screen effect, text masking, and animation and added more transition effects.

CapCut Mod Apk – V9.8.0 Premium Unlocked

This version was released in June 2023. It is a horrible thing to compare the 9.8.0 version with the latest 10.8.0 version. The most recent version is far improved and has a series of new functions including AI-based features. However, here are some features of the CapCut 9.8.0 version.

In 9.8.0 developer introduced Dynamic Zoom which enabled the users to zoom in or out the footage within the video automatically. Audio Spectrum was another feature that gave luxury to the users to create dynamic and eye-catching visuals.

On the other hand, the developer also introduced Improved Performance and Stability, Enhanced Speed Controls, Refined Export Options, and User Interface Tweaks features. By the time of release, it was a most decorated and well-functioning CapCut version. But there are some bugs in this version which were fixed later on in a continual version by the developer.


In the end, I will recommend users download and install the most recent version 10.8 as it is the most reliable and well-furnished version. Only those users who have devices that are not compatible with the latest version should go with any other old version.

NOTE: There are very high chance when you read this article probably most latest versions of CapCut will be available in the market. So, before going through these versions please check the other available versions.

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