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capcut green screen template

Nowadays, Everyone seems to use green screen edits in their videos. It may be their personal video or official video for social media platforms: a dynamic video effect or creative banner to raise the video to a new advanced level.

So we are here to guide you on How to use the green screen on CapCut and remove your video’s background effortlessly.

We are providing you with amazing methods by which you can easily remove the background from your video by using the green screen on the capcut.

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How to Use Green Screen on CapCut with Chroma Key

Step 1: Upload your background clips to CapCut.

Create a new project in capcut select your video you can also select multiple videos for your project. 

Step 2: Add the green screen video as an overlay.

After that click on the “Add Overlay” button and select the green overlay video you want to add to the background.

Step 3: Select the color you wish to remove.

Tab on your green overlay video click on the Chroma Key button and tap it. The color popup will appear and then select the green color or any other you want to remove.

Step 4: Remove the selected color.

Tap on the Intensity  Then You will see a slider at the bottom. Drag and Drop the slider till the selected color disappears.

Step 5: Export the video.

Hurry, You’ve Done and now your video is ready to Export. Just click on the Export Button on the top Right Corner and Enjoy.


In This article, we provided a complete step-by-step guide for you on how you can use Green Screen on Capcut. Remove the background of any video you want.


Achieving a smooth green screen effect relies on proper lighting, background selection, and adjustments in CapCut’s chroma key settings.

Absolutely! CapCut allows you to use both images and video clips as backgrounds for your compositions.

Yes, many professional creators utilize CapCut Green Screen for a wide range of projects, from music videos to advertisements.

Absolutely. CapCut’s intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it a great tool for beginners and experienced creators alike.

Certainly! CapCut is a mobile-friendly application, making it accessible for creators on the go.

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